This afternoon I bought and installed iLife ’08 by Apple and it is a great improvement over the previous version.

I really love the way iPhoto was improved since it now features events which better organize photos.

I tried out GarageBand’s latest version and now wonder if samples from a Jam Pack were deleted or renamed since it failed to find at least 2 loops for an existing song made before. But it has a new feature called Magic GarageBand which is almost like a video game of creating music with different instruments. It does not fully create a new song as it creates a new arrangment, but it is a time-killer for sure.

I am excited to try out iMovie since I saw how easy it will be to create movies from photos and videos already captured.

I am going to update my .Mac web page soon iWeb and after seeing Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’ presentation earlier this week, I know that the new results will be awesome.

So Apple is really going to get computer users’ heads to capture special family and friends moments as the school semester starts.