Do you like to get something started from scratch or do you prefer a ready made system with all the kinks worked out prior to your appearance on the scene?

Just knowing or thinking back over your life will begin to open doors and your eyes to past endeavors that have worked out very well as well as those that never found success regardless of the effort.

Over a decade ago, I realized that my strength and success was largely found when I thought or felt that I was involved during the formation stages of development. Yet later, I found the only true override to this entire mindset is when you learn or discover that you had an ancestor that had covered the same ground verbatim.

Once I learned how my great grandfather had planted as many churches that our family still may not be aware of, it both confirmed my preference to have an entry point as early as possible as well as to know that such an entry point is within my DNA.

This does not mean that a turnaround opportunity is off limits for they still represent both a starting point as well as a conclusion mindset to end one era in order to start another one.

It is all about our sense of timing and whether we are working with the winds of change or being swept away by them.

Look back over your life and review the success or failure in terms of the timing of everyone involved. You will begin to see the dots connect themselves as conflict may arise whenever people have a different sense of timing and cohesion may be found whenever people share the same sense of timing.

It is just as interesting to note those people where ideas of mutual cooperation never seem to get off the ground usually has its roots in one party either not being aware of the other’s sense of timing or the differences are not appreciated enough to see how to make them work for all involved.

When we first understand ourselves, we can better learn how to find agreement in the midst of constructive differences at the same time.

So when do you decide to get on the dance floor?

Here is one dance floor that works like nothing I have seen in 2012 and only a cell phone is really needed: