I received the Roland MC-707 THE NEXT DAY (Saturday) this past weekend after ordering it from AMS! The early indications were that the shipment would arrive 4 days later.

I ordered one after recently getting the Yamaha DJX-IIB and discovering everything I thought knew before about grooveboxes was wrong. Everything is far better!

Most music manufacturers demo their products to the EDM or DJ audience when the products actually fulfill a real need for anyone using a midi keyboard!

I fired up the MC-707 and had some very interesting discoveries. The MC-707 is an incredible sound module since all Roland sounds are now rolling out to be available across more Roland devices via their Zencore engine or separate packs.

When the thought of not requiring a computer and keeping tons of flexibility for live performances came to mind, the MC-707 is a fast entrance ramp to making and performing music.

Everything composed can be exported into any DAW. Even though I have Maschine Studio and a Maschine Jam, sitting down to a desk is not always desired.

The earlier cons such as a missing song mode and sample slicing were already made available as a firmware update, so I’m glad that I was not an early adopter with the MC-707.

I recently saw a YouTube video of a woman using the device remotely outside and she powered the MC-707 through her laptop or battery pack.

Since there are multiple ways of doing the same thing on the MC-707, you might quickly forget how you just easily did something and backing out of the deep menus do not leave any breadcrumbs in telling you how you got there.

The midi connections are where the magic happens because they allow a midi controller to play the editable sounds and I’m really looking forward to soon connecting a midi drum pad to it far easier than to a desktop computer.

Overall, I am already thoroughly pleased with the purchase and had a simple discovery as a byproduct to my purchase.

In all these years, I just discovered Saturday night why I would periodically have headphone problems with playback only occurring on a single side (L or R) with different devices.

When the playback happened straight out of the gate with the MC-707, I knew consciously for the FIRST TIME EVER that the problem was in the headphone plug adapter!

I have had both mono and stereo plug adapters for decades and this incident taught me to actively look for a stereo adapter FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! 🤯

I quickly located a stereo plug adapter with another Roland device owned since the late 90s!

Once connected with a stereo plug adapter, using the MC-707 with headphones was a piece of cake 🍰! The deep bass sounds were rich and it was very cool to hear the stereo effects on many preset sounds!

The MC-707 is a winner even though I had to learn how much I was wrong about grooveboxes themselves!