Here is my bio from my first book “Every Seed Has The Divine Expectation of Much Fruit” (ISBN 0-595-26226-0) with a little adaption and update for this blog:)

Roney Smith is happily married to the former Wyteria Cato since 1990 and they have two daughters named Rachel and Hailey.

Roney is the author of several books and e-books both completed and in progress.  One notable title is The Achievement Leadership Lifestyle aimed at small groups of people desiring to perform equally or above the level of larger groups.

Roney is a composer, musician, producer, recording artist, and performer of Christian hip hop music.  He has been actively writing songs since 1982 during his junior year in high school.  His rap compositions are entitled “fish nets” in order to fulfill the desire of God in being a fisher of men and can be found online through his Seed Of Life recording label.

Roney is an ordained Baptist minister and recognized internet expert and entrepreneur.  At any single time, Roney is developing websites and online concepts to benefit clients and communities (online and off line) worldwide in addition to his ministerial responsibilities.

Roney enjoys spending his private time with his family and friends, reading, creating music, developing online concepts, and surfing the internet.

Roney earned a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Francis Marion College (now University) in Florence, South Carolina in 1987 and a master of business administration (MBA) in finance from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995.

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