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I have come to the realization that the mobility of my black Macbook is no longer the high priority it once was and I am offering it for sale in favor of upgrading to newer technology.
I am going to purchase an iPod Touch and possibly an iMac to use versus using the Macbook alone in addition to the PC we own.
I am the single owner of the black Macbook since June 2006 shortly after they were announced and made available for purchase on my birthday May 16th of that year.
I have traveled to several cities by plane and automobile and the computer has been a very solid workhorse for me as a power user.
I personally believe that the computer will be best used by someone who is not a power user and will not seek to keep the computer for extended periods of time as a desktop computer.  I do not recommend a notebook computer to anyone that would leave it running overnight.  There are reported overheating incidents whenever the computers are left on for extended periods of time.


Here are the items that will be included with the black Macbook that I am selling:


1 black Macbook
2 Original RAM (512MB total I believe)
2 1GB RAM (installed)
1 320GB Hard Drive (uninstalled)
1 iLife ’08 DVD
1 Black Neoprene case
1 Cleaning cloth, Cleaning fluid, & wipes
1 Tiger OSX DVD
1 USB Modem
1 Parallels Disc and 3.12 version as the digital upgrade never installed
1 Windows XP disc with key
1 Leopard OSX DVD disc
1 Final Cut Express 4.0 DVD
1 MagSafe Power Adapter & Extender Cord
1 Original Box

The processor speed is 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo.

More information is available on the initial batch of Macbooks (model number MA472LL/Aat:

I still have the original box it was packaged within as well.
The 320GB internal Hard Drive is under warranty with Western Digital.
My firm price for it all is $999 or $800 if the Final Cut Express DVD is not desired.
UPDATE:  The 320GB HD failed to be recognized by my Macbook upon installation today after I sent my response to an inquirer.
Western Digital is sending a replacement drive for it which should arrive next week Tuesday or Wednesday.
Without the Macbook, I have no use for the hard drive although I will continue to offer them for sale with and without the hard drive installed.
Here are sites that sell the drive being replaced:
There is a Micro Center store near us.  But they will charge sales tax which is 6%.
Here is Amazon’s link .  Another seller is Newegg:
They offer the lowest price @ $69.99 without charging sales tax and offer free shipping.
Brand new HD drives have a 3 year warranty, so I would not buy an extended warranty for one.  If the installation of the hard drive makes one nervous, I will install the hard drive myself (which is easy to do with a star tool) before completing the sale.
I am willing to ship the item with insurance within the United States only for $50.  Otherwise, I will be happy to meet an interested party in a nearby mall or library in Cobb County, GA near Atlanta.
The forms of payment accepted will be cash (face to face only), Western Union wire transfer (no paper money orders), Obopay, AlertPay, or cashier’s check.  Paper forms of payment will delay shipping until the payment is fully confirmed.  No partial payments will be accepted.
One can buy this Macbook in full confidence that it will serve you in business or pleasure as you stay on the go.
My personal recommendations is that this Macbook would work best for a creative individual that is looking to produce videos or music.  With the built in iSight and microphone, you can have video and audio chats within Leopard.  I have produced dozens of songs on it within
GarageBand and used wi-fi in several places nationwide.  As long as you do not leave it on overnight or treat it roughly (it never has been dropped), you will get at least 5 to 10 years before the technology is considered outdated.
Simply contact me to place your order or to arrange a meeting to examine it live!

On Friday, I learned that my Macbook hard drive had indeed bought the farm to push up daisies and all contents went back to the Architect's construct for lost data.  Call it a sign of technological maturity or simply being blessed far above what I could ask or think because I have not been fazed at the development in the least bit.

Everything is clearly out of my hands and one of the biggest surprises learned is that there are no differences between hard drives for the PC and Mac.  This tidbit meant that I could do the repair myself and skip paying Apple $300 to $500 just for the hard drive alone plus the labor charges or to any authorized Apple repair shop.

Since my Macbook is already out of warranty, there is nothing to lose on the repair itself since it is within my repair range.  I have fried enough computers to know:)

I had a great day on Friday and had my oldest daughter with me the entire time.  She had a full week of winter break left and most kids had already returned to school. 

Earlier within the day we had gotten our new 2008 tag sticker with a zero wait (walked straight from the door straight to the counter) and I picked up a wireless mouse made by Microsoft that I am still loving with each touch.  After hearing my favorite oil change place try to fry me on a relatively simple repair, I knew that I was not going to pay a lot for this hard drive repair.

With any suitable hard drive serving as a candidate for the repair, I have discovered that there are prices easily below $200.  I am going with Western Digital as the manufacturer regardless of the actual size of the hard drive and could have purchased one today right at $150 but I saw one online at $134 (before taxes are applied on each quote).

The Macbook Pro (MBP) is available at my favorite online store for music equipment and Apple computers with multiple payments available, so I plan on obtaining one within a week and postpone the hard drive repair until February or almost indefinitely.

The Macbook may become a system for either my wife or my kids to use.  As a result, I am inclined to keep the size of the hard drive to be bought higher than the previous, original hard drive space (80GB) but under the maximum seen so far (320GB).  My target price is looking good at $134 for the 250 GB HD.

250 GB is still no joke and it is awesome to see how storage space is really the new commodity that is to be taken for granted these days.

I always fought to no avail the hard drive wars of limited space and one can buy terabytes of space for what used to cost sub-gigabyte storage space.

But I will need to confirm why the MBP is needed and what advantages are being picked up versus repairing my Macbook.

The repaired Macbook will clearly have more HD space than the MBP does at 160 GB.  I already knwo that the MBP will not have Leopard even though the price is the full price for MBPs sold by Apple, but Apple does have a program called "Leopard up-to-date" that provides a free upgrade to Leopard in the post-iPhone fiasco that occurred last year.

The multiple payments at zero-percent interest are simply phenomenal and are loosening my mind and wallet at the same time.

The portability factor is the real asset being purchased because being able to work, surf, produce, or invest anywhere that has wi-fi is an asset that is really not fully understood until the capability is obtained.

Limitations melt and new opportunities are revealed to the initiated.  Doubters or the not-easily-convinced will never know how much they loss as an opportunity cost for not "getting it" earlier.

Just from the flow of this blog entry tonight, the debate of the HD space is pitting the MBP and Macbook head to head harder than they went at it earlier today.  90 GB of HD space is the real difference, so I need to put a price tag on the 90 GB.  The time required to obtain the HD for the repair is 3 business days after the order is placed and there is an unknown time limitation if the multiple payment options disappear as it did after I bought the Macbook.  So what's a geek to do?

Through the risk and money management that I have been practicing and still learning more in this new year, I see the solution coming over the horizon.

The 250 GB HD will be obtained first and we will see how the repair goes.  If the repair goes smoothly and without any hitches, the MBP —whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!

The MBP has to be purchased first because of the "Leopard up-to-date" program that expires on January 26th I believe.  I almost do not feel like buying Leopard now or later for some reason and the Macbook did not have it.  But I know that the HD space limitation was a reason why.

So dude, you're getting a MBP!  LOL:)

The only data loss of the original HD is one song that was still being developed but I've lost greater masterpieces before.  I am just glad that my FlickrBeats were not lost since they represented not only a creativity breakthrough, but an investment of time and effort that cannot be recaptured otherwise.

I will share the new car smell of the MBP soon!  At least there will be multiple laptops with the iSight cameras that will allow me to create "at the computer or desk" videos that would have been too prohibitive with my time schedule for anyone else to be involved.

So it all works out in the end one way or another!


Today I have a surprise recreational afternoon planned for my girls and since the place has wi-fi, I thought about taking my Macbook.

The Macbook froze during its last usage in 2007 with my wife and I was too busy to invest much time in it until today.

I installed the original CD and RAM to no avail.  It is simply not recognizing the hard drive.

I have an appointment scheduled at an Apple Store on Friday to have it checked out.

I already knew that adding more Macs to our lineup was going to be necessary and I am just curious at this point what is going on with it.

First generation technology is never easy on you once the original warranty runs out.

I now know to avoid such early purchases especially with Apple from now on but 2008 is already going so great and although it would have ripped me apart on some level before, I can take this technology glitch or hardware massive coronary in stride this time around since I backed up everything late November 2007 after seeing the initial warning signs:)

A friend recently shared his backup plan with me and it was so broad in scope that I may implement it as well since multiple backups and remote storage increase the security and reduce the potential stress levels tremendously.