Do you like to get something started from scratch or do you prefer a ready made system with all the kinks worked out prior to your appearance on the scene?

Just knowing or thinking back over your life will begin to open doors and your eyes to past endeavors that have worked out very well as well as those that never found success regardless of the effort.

Over a decade ago, I realized that my strength and success was largely found when I thought or felt that I was involved during the formation stages of development. Yet later, I found the only true override to this entire mindset is when you learn or discover that you had an ancestor that had covered the same ground verbatim.

Once I learned how my great grandfather had planted as many churches that our family still may not be aware of, it both confirmed my preference to have an entry point as early as possible as well as to know that such an entry point is within my DNA.

This does not mean that a turnaround opportunity is off limits for they still represent both a starting point as well as a conclusion mindset to end one era in order to start another one.

It is all about our sense of timing and whether we are working with the winds of change or being swept away by them.

Look back over your life and review the success or failure in terms of the timing of everyone involved. You will begin to see the dots connect themselves as conflict may arise whenever people have a different sense of timing and cohesion may be found whenever people share the same sense of timing.

It is just as interesting to note those people where ideas of mutual cooperation never seem to get off the ground usually has its roots in one party either not being aware of the otherโ€™s sense of timing or the differences are not appreciated enough to see how to make them work for all involved.

When we first understand ourselves, we can better learn how to find agreement in the midst of constructive differences at the same time.

So when do you decide to get on the dance floor?

Here is one dance floor that works like nothing I have seen in 2012 and only a cell phone is really needed:


I just returned home minutes ago from running to the post office and heard the following NPR radio program which has totally clicked within me unlike any other explanation has about the series of events that led to the octuplets recently born in California.

NPR host Michel Martin made an introductory statement that was so innocent and essential but yet easily overlooked to the segment entitled California Octuplets Raises About Ethics, Fertility that I wish the full statement was heard online as well but it does not appear to be at this point in time. I have sent a message to Ms. Martin and I hope that NPR adds the full introduction.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact phrase that was used but all we need to know is that Martin’s statement innocently included the names Angelina Jolie and Nadya Suleman in the same sentence.

The introduction was so pure and succinct that I doubt Martin knows how laser like her statement has connected the dots to me that nothing has come as close to connecting.

It is my belief that a recognized or near subliminal fascination with Angelina Jolie is the missing link in Suleman’s quest to have such an expanded family size given everything about her on paper.

The first moment I saw Suleman I instantly told my wife that she was attractive but I could not put my finger on what it was that implied something was out of the norm in her demeanor and beauty strictly from the neck up.

As a fan of the FX show Nip Tuck, I also thought that Suleman possibly had some plastic surgery on her lips or face since her right side of her mouth looked a little odd.

But to hear the name Angelina Jolie mentioned in the same sentence with Suleman, the dots quickly come together like a mosquito to a zapper.

This is still my own personal conclusion but like a hungry dog on a meat wagon, you will have to come up with something very good to get me to change my position:)

Although it is as macabre and paranormal than I prefer to contemplate for a period of time, bells are ringing like a game show jackpot being hit with 100% pure accuracy.

The closest explanation that I had before hearing the names and instantly seeing the link was it was a combined sign of generational forces (Suleman and her parents all inclusive) that made Suleman’s decisions more logical in her own mind because nothing is logically associated within anyone else’s.

The Holy Bible lets us know that God wanted us to be fruitful and multiply but He expressed His desire for us to have a helpmate in the process.

My prayers go out to the family and hopefully the same pit of faulty logic will be closed to others in a non-abusive way to the individuals and society at large.

May heaven help us all.


After reading this article reported by the Associated Press, the most unusual request by Sen. Grassley (R-Iowa) begins to make sense.

He is essentially investigating anyone directly associated with Oral Roberts University (ORU) it appears as well as their ministerial relationships to other pastors and church leaders. Three ORU board members out of the 6 ministries that received the senator’s request for more information were named in his investigation.

There is an unworthy guilt by association and I suspect that this investigation will continue and go through several degrees of separation nationwide.

The development also goes to show the prudence and discretion needed to serve on a board of directors as well.


Immediately upon hearing the news about a request for operational and financial information from Iowa US Senator Chuck Grassley to 6 different international ministries, my reaction is that something is rotten not only in Denmark, but within Congress particularly from Iowa as well.

This is clearly the misdirected and asleep-at-the-wheel patriarchal hand of the USA at work directing people not only where they should give their money, but what constitutes their faith. The single request will have long-term ramifications and repercussions as well regardless of the short-term outcome.

Forget about the falling US dollar, war and deaths in Iraq, bin Laden still running free, Katrina victims, wildfire victims, and pending recession, Sen. Grassley is looking to earn brownie points somehow somewhere. He immediately raises the quote “You’re doing a heck of a job Brownie” to another level.

Even without taking the time to put his political career on the witness stand, his request opens a door that will not bode well for Republicans nationwide.

Is this a final kick of some sort on his part regarding his tenure in Congress? Does Sen. Grassley have too much time on his hands?

Who would he have vetted such an idea within his own party at the least? Does he really need an opponent who will be clearly well-funded now during the next election?

Or is this some time of swan song before his soon political departure that sounds worse than the Aflac duck?

There is no need for some individuals, groups, and ministries to pile on because actions such as this indicate that there is clearly going to be room for everyone to sit in Sen. Grassley’s barber’s chair. Every church will have to justify its own existence without reason.

The nonbelievers nationwide will drink this Kool-Aid and rush to his side as fools often do. Be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it!

The White House had better pull on his coattail on this situation and give him room to start his own post-Senate nonprofit organization that serves as a watchdog group if that is his pleasure.

His request is not about federal grants or primarily actions taking place domestically since a part of his request to Joyce Meyer Ministries had to do with their international crusades.

His own fellow Iowa residents will not be suitably served through Sen. Grassley’s actions either regardless of what their state reputation may have been before. Grassley’s actions stains the entire state not with grass either:)

Even within the worst case scenario of financial impropriety by any of the ministries, Sen. Grassley’s actions would have been better served if someone other than a member of the US legislative branch carried it out or started it. He needs to re-enroll into political science 101 or give up his seat in Congress more gracefully than the bathroom patrolling congressman.

This is the second most worst-than-amateur demonstration of politics after the chain of events which led to the war in Iraq.

Cheney, get your boy before he pulls down the heirloom china off the coffee table!

This fiasco is not about Sen. Grassley as much it is a pimp slap at the entire experiment known as the United States of America.


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I watched Oprah today with Kirk Franklin talking about recovery from a pornography addiction and became more confused than anything else.

His addiction began at the young age of 8 and he has been recovering for the past 8 or 9 years.  I do not immediately know his age, but he has been addicted over half his life, so I thank God for his continued recovery and ongoing, conscious struggle.
The ironic part to me is that he stated that his porn addiction was more of a hardcopy addiction without any use of the internet.  His addiction mostly consisted of magazines and adult movies versus websites, webcams, erotic e-mails, and other audio, visual, and textual porn.
Why this fact confuses me I do not quite know, but given the age and year that he was first introduced to pornography, it makes sense.
The world wide web is a little over 10 years old and VCRs gained popularity in the late 80s while magazines have been around forever it seems.  So how he avoided being addicted to anything online is more amazing than anything else (if he was addicted 10 years ago).
But Kirk’s frankness, unbridled honesty, and love and appreciation for his wife Tammy did not tarnish his star in my eyes.
My main concern before the show was that it would be a case of "there is no such thing as bad or negative publicity" and his integrity kept the show from appearing this way altogether.
I do remember seeing his wife in the audience several weeks ago and today Oprah played a brief segment where Kirk was in the audience and I do not know or remember if it was the same episode.  I never saw him in the audience.  But I believe that the episode where his wife was in the audience was about either Tyler Perry’s movie "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" or men being on the down low.
What this has to do with anything would be more confusing but it is only what I think that I saw.
At times, I am very skeptical of Oprah’s audience of mostly women than anything else.  I do not believe that Oprah plays towards her audience and that they simply follow who and what they think she is.
But today I knew that while the audience readily clapped for the strength of Tammy (Kirk’s wife), there was another segment of women there that would quickly swim around their boat like hungry sharks and tell Kirk "come on over to Big Mama and let me help you off that wagon" and drown Kirk within their cleavage;)
Still I expect a boost to Kirk’s CD sales and concert attendance as a result of today’s episode.
I believe that there will be many who will flock to see him fall or try to tempt him now that his public confession has been made.
Kirk, do not let them kick you while they believe you are down!!!  Just know that just by being on O versus anything other statements, confessions, and/or admittance on the subject, a bigger bulls eye has been drawn on you.
As a result, you are now in the league of athletes of the various professional leagues and entertainers if you were not already before.  Increase the size of your entourage and bodyguards because there is somebody who will want to use today’s episode as a "you heard it first on Oprah", so this new news is not that difficult to believe.
I will personally pray for Kirk and any other man or woman who is or has been entrapped by pornography. 
Clearly, the mental and spiritual residue of porn is like the smoke within one’s clothes and body from a nightclub or smoke-filled room and I hope to write a new song about the topic after seeing today’s episode.