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I watched Oprah today with Kirk Franklin talking about recovery from a pornography addiction and became more confused than anything else.

His addiction began at the young age of 8 and he has been recovering for the past 8 or 9 years.  I do not immediately know his age, but he has been addicted over half his life, so I thank God for his continued recovery and ongoing, conscious struggle.
The ironic part to me is that he stated that his porn addiction was more of a hardcopy addiction without any use of the internet.  His addiction mostly consisted of magazines and adult movies versus websites, webcams, erotic e-mails, and other audio, visual, and textual porn.
Why this fact confuses me I do not quite know, but given the age and year that he was first introduced to pornography, it makes sense.
The world wide web is a little over 10 years old and VCRs gained popularity in the late 80s while magazines have been around forever it seems.  So how he avoided being addicted to anything online is more amazing than anything else (if he was addicted 10 years ago).
But Kirk’s frankness, unbridled honesty, and love and appreciation for his wife Tammy did not tarnish his star in my eyes.
My main concern before the show was that it would be a case of "there is no such thing as bad or negative publicity" and his integrity kept the show from appearing this way altogether.
I do remember seeing his wife in the audience several weeks ago and today Oprah played a brief segment where Kirk was in the audience and I do not know or remember if it was the same episode.  I never saw him in the audience.  But I believe that the episode where his wife was in the audience was about either Tyler Perry’s movie "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" or men being on the down low.
What this has to do with anything would be more confusing but it is only what I think that I saw.
At times, I am very skeptical of Oprah’s audience of mostly women than anything else.  I do not believe that Oprah plays towards her audience and that they simply follow who and what they think she is.
But today I knew that while the audience readily clapped for the strength of Tammy (Kirk’s wife), there was another segment of women there that would quickly swim around their boat like hungry sharks and tell Kirk "come on over to Big Mama and let me help you off that wagon" and drown Kirk within their cleavage;)
Still I expect a boost to Kirk’s CD sales and concert attendance as a result of today’s episode.
I believe that there will be many who will flock to see him fall or try to tempt him now that his public confession has been made.
Kirk, do not let them kick you while they believe you are down!!!  Just know that just by being on O versus anything other statements, confessions, and/or admittance on the subject, a bigger bulls eye has been drawn on you.
As a result, you are now in the league of athletes of the various professional leagues and entertainers if you were not already before.  Increase the size of your entourage and bodyguards because there is somebody who will want to use today’s episode as a "you heard it first on Oprah", so this new news is not that difficult to believe.
I will personally pray for Kirk and any other man or woman who is or has been entrapped by pornography. 
Clearly, the mental and spiritual residue of porn is like the smoke within one’s clothes and body from a nightclub or smoke-filled room and I hope to write a new song about the topic after seeing today’s episode.