Today I am finally making public a song entitled “Make A Change” that I produced earlier this year!

“Make A Change” is an instrumental track inspired by US Senator Barack Obama as he has inspired many worldwide in his quest to become President of the United States.

For one reason or another, the timing to release the song never felt quite right with my own schedule. With the Democratic nomination essentially clinched today and the need to unify the Democratic party present, there is no better time to make this song public.

I would deeply honored to see personally or hear that the song was played as Senator Obama takes the stage somewhere or even as song replaces “Hail to the Chief”:)

You can hear song on either and/or iLike and if you wish to make a purchase, just visit Electric for a purchase and an instant download.

I hope to place the song on iTunes soon as well with other music created. You can also sign up to resell the song yourself and make a commission.

We are looking to use part of the proceeds to purchase two life saving products (malaria nets via Nothing But Nets and a dynamic, personal, water filtration system called Life Straws) as a part of my worldwide ministry.

Whether you purchase the song or not, please consider helping people worldwide with these products.

Also, feel free to share any thoughts, comments, and other forms of feedback:)

Peace and Enjoy!