I have come to the realization that the mobility of my black Macbook is no longer the high priority it once was and I am offering it for sale in favor of upgrading to newer technology.
I am going to purchase an iPod Touch and possibly an iMac to use versus using the Macbook alone in addition to the PC we own.
I am the single owner of the black Macbook since June 2006 shortly after they were announced and made available for purchase on my birthday May 16th of that year.
I have traveled to several cities by plane and automobile and the computer has been a very solid workhorse for me as a power user.
I personally believe that the computer will be best used by someone who is not a power user and will not seek to keep the computer for extended periods of time as a desktop computer.  I do not recommend a notebook computer to anyone that would leave it running overnight.  There are reported overheating incidents whenever the computers are left on for extended periods of time.


Here are the items that will be included with the black Macbook that I am selling:


1 black Macbook
2 Original RAM (512MB total I believe)
2 1GB RAM (installed)
1 320GB Hard Drive (uninstalled)
1 iLife ’08 DVD
1 Black Neoprene case
1 Cleaning cloth, Cleaning fluid, & wipes
1 Tiger OSX DVD
1 USB Modem
1 Parallels Disc and 3.12 version as the digital upgrade never installed
1 Windows XP disc with key
1 Leopard OSX DVD disc
1 Final Cut Express 4.0 DVD
1 MagSafe Power Adapter & Extender Cord
1 Original Box

The processor speed is 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo.

More information is available on the initial batch of Macbooks (model number MA472LL/Aat:

I still have the original box it was packaged within as well.
The 320GB internal Hard Drive is under warranty with Western Digital.
My firm price for it all is $999 or $800 if the Final Cut Express DVD is not desired.
UPDATE:  The 320GB HD failed to be recognized by my Macbook upon installation today after I sent my response to an inquirer.
Western Digital is sending a replacement drive for it which should arrive next week Tuesday or Wednesday.
Without the Macbook, I have no use for the hard drive although I will continue to offer them for sale with and without the hard drive installed.
Here are sites that sell the drive being replaced:
There is a Micro Center store near us.  But they will charge sales tax which is 6%.
Here is Amazon’s link .  Another seller is Newegg:
They offer the lowest price @ $69.99 without charging sales tax and offer free shipping.
Brand new HD drives have a 3 year warranty, so I would not buy an extended warranty for one.  If the installation of the hard drive makes one nervous, I will install the hard drive myself (which is easy to do with a star tool) before completing the sale.
I am willing to ship the item with insurance within the United States only for $50.  Otherwise, I will be happy to meet an interested party in a nearby mall or library in Cobb County, GA near Atlanta.
The forms of payment accepted will be cash (face to face only), Western Union wire transfer (no paper money orders), Obopay, AlertPay, or cashier’s check.  Paper forms of payment will delay shipping until the payment is fully confirmed.  No partial payments will be accepted.
One can buy this Macbook in full confidence that it will serve you in business or pleasure as you stay on the go.
My personal recommendations is that this Macbook would work best for a creative individual that is looking to produce videos or music.  With the built in iSight and microphone, you can have video and audio chats within Leopard.  I have produced dozens of songs on it within
GarageBand and used wi-fi in several places nationwide.  As long as you do not leave it on overnight or treat it roughly (it never has been dropped), you will get at least 5 to 10 years before the technology is considered outdated.
Simply contact me to place your order or to arrange a meeting to examine it live!

Today I am finally making public a song entitled “Make A Change” that I produced earlier this year!

“Make A Change” is an instrumental track inspired by US Senator Barack Obama as he has inspired many worldwide in his quest to become President of the United States.

For one reason or another, the timing to release the song never felt quite right with my own schedule. With the Democratic nomination essentially clinched today and the need to unify the Democratic party present, there is no better time to make this song public.

I would deeply honored to see personally or hear that the song was played as Senator Obama takes the stage somewhere or even as song replaces “Hail to the Chief”:)

You can hear song on either and/or iLike and if you wish to make a purchase, just visit Electric for a purchase and an instant download.

I hope to place the song on iTunes soon as well with other music created. You can also sign up to resell the song yourself and make a commission.

We are looking to use part of the proceeds to purchase two life saving products (malaria nets via Nothing But Nets and a dynamic, personal, water filtration system called Life Straws) as a part of my worldwide ministry.

Whether you purchase the song or not, please consider helping people worldwide with these products.

Also, feel free to share any thoughts, comments, and other forms of feedback:)

Peace and Enjoy!

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching a Bible study series within our church Bethesda Baptist Church in Austell, GA under the leadership of Senior Pastor Charles B. Goodman that blessed everyone including myself greatly.

The series “Christ Jesus and His Anointing” answers many questions that new Christian converts and even those raised and functioning as members of congregations for decades have wondered about in terms of properly identifying and understanding the ministry, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The content is not always taught within traditional Protestant churches.

Feel free to listen at your pleasure and ask any questions at anytime. If you wish to obtain a CD or DVD of the audio, just let me know.

The weekly Bible studies at Bethesda usually include songs, prayer, and testimonies before the lessons are taught, so all is included for you to have the full experience as if you were there.

The three parts are uploaded as wave files and they vary in length and part 1 is approximately 1:19 in length. I do plan on uploading the files as MP3s soon also.

Listen and enjoy!