Do you like to get something started from scratch or do you prefer a ready made system with all the kinks worked out prior to your appearance on the scene?

Just knowing or thinking back over your life will begin to open doors and your eyes to past endeavors that have worked out very well as well as those that never found success regardless of the effort.

Over a decade ago, I realized that my strength and success was largely found when I thought or felt that I was involved during the formation stages of development. Yet later, I found the only true override to this entire mindset is when you learn or discover that you had an ancestor that had covered the same ground verbatim.

Once I learned how my great grandfather had planted as many churches that our family still may not be aware of, it both confirmed my preference to have an entry point as early as possible as well as to know that such an entry point is within my DNA.

This does not mean that a turnaround opportunity is off limits for they still represent both a starting point as well as a conclusion mindset to end one era in order to start another one.

It is all about our sense of timing and whether we are working with the winds of change or being swept away by them.

Look back over your life and review the success or failure in terms of the timing of everyone involved. You will begin to see the dots connect themselves as conflict may arise whenever people have a different sense of timing and cohesion may be found whenever people share the same sense of timing.

It is just as interesting to note those people where ideas of mutual cooperation never seem to get off the ground usually has its roots in one party either not being aware of the otherโ€™s sense of timing or the differences are not appreciated enough to see how to make them work for all involved.

When we first understand ourselves, we can better learn how to find agreement in the midst of constructive differences at the same time.

So when do you decide to get on the dance floor?

Here is one dance floor that works like nothing I have seen in 2012 and only a cell phone is really needed:


I just returned home minutes ago from running to the post office and heard the following NPR radio program which has totally clicked within me unlike any other explanation has about the series of events that led to the octuplets recently born in California.

NPR host Michel Martin made an introductory statement that was so innocent and essential but yet easily overlooked to the segment entitled California Octuplets Raises About Ethics, Fertility that I wish the full statement was heard online as well but it does not appear to be at this point in time. I have sent a message to Ms. Martin and I hope that NPR adds the full introduction.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact phrase that was used but all we need to know is that Martin’s statement innocently included the names Angelina Jolie and Nadya Suleman in the same sentence.

The introduction was so pure and succinct that I doubt Martin knows how laser like her statement has connected the dots to me that nothing has come as close to connecting.

It is my belief that a recognized or near subliminal fascination with Angelina Jolie is the missing link in Suleman’s quest to have such an expanded family size given everything about her on paper.

The first moment I saw Suleman I instantly told my wife that she was attractive but I could not put my finger on what it was that implied something was out of the norm in her demeanor and beauty strictly from the neck up.

As a fan of the FX show Nip Tuck, I also thought that Suleman possibly had some plastic surgery on her lips or face since her right side of her mouth looked a little odd.

But to hear the name Angelina Jolie mentioned in the same sentence with Suleman, the dots quickly come together like a mosquito to a zapper.

This is still my own personal conclusion but like a hungry dog on a meat wagon, you will have to come up with something very good to get me to change my position:)

Although it is as macabre and paranormal than I prefer to contemplate for a period of time, bells are ringing like a game show jackpot being hit with 100% pure accuracy.

The closest explanation that I had before hearing the names and instantly seeing the link was it was a combined sign of generational forces (Suleman and her parents all inclusive) that made Suleman’s decisions more logical in her own mind because nothing is logically associated within anyone else’s.

The Holy Bible lets us know that God wanted us to be fruitful and multiply but He expressed His desire for us to have a helpmate in the process.

My prayers go out to the family and hopefully the same pit of faulty logic will be closed to others in a non-abusive way to the individuals and society at large.

May heaven help us all.


Only in America is it possible to find the following video funny!

But the difference is that many lives have been enlightened and destiny and purpose has been discovered through this election season.

We can join the naysayers in laughing now, but let’s fire up our own engines to fully transform America and the rest of the world!

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Today has been a stunningly, great day and here are a few thoughts in a QuickTime movie video that came to me as a result.


Too many electronics have made me drool lately and everyday I receive an announcement to let me know that another one is now available for me to purchase at a discounted price.

In some cases, I know that the holiday season may make some increase in price normally but we are not at that point nationwide.
So fortunately unless there is a strong business need, I am going to rest on the sidelines for now:)

Today I am finally making public a song entitled “Make A Change” that I produced earlier this year!

“Make A Change” is an instrumental track inspired by US Senator Barack Obama as he has inspired many worldwide in his quest to become President of the United States.

For one reason or another, the timing to release the song never felt quite right with my own schedule. With the Democratic nomination essentially clinched today and the need to unify the Democratic party present, there is no better time to make this song public.

I would deeply honored to see personally or hear that the song was played as Senator Obama takes the stage somewhere or even as song replaces “Hail to the Chief”:)

You can hear song on either and/or iLike and if you wish to make a purchase, just visit Electric for a purchase and an instant download.

I hope to place the song on iTunes soon as well with other music created. You can also sign up to resell the song yourself and make a commission.

We are looking to use part of the proceeds to purchase two life saving products (malaria nets via Nothing But Nets and a dynamic, personal, water filtration system called Life Straws) as a part of my worldwide ministry.

Whether you purchase the song or not, please consider helping people worldwide with these products.

Also, feel free to share any thoughts, comments, and other forms of feedback:)

Peace and Enjoy!

Here are a few of my thoughts on Super Tuesday 2008 and it is mostly non-political.

I recently discovered some information that I clearly did not know attesting to the popularity and inherent profitability of this blog.

I was rather shocked since I thought that the information (and resulting royalties) would be sent to me automatically.

With the new information, I hope to create more blog entries on a regular basis as well as add video content as well.

I also found out that I was included within a prominent list of Black tech bloggers, so I must clearly blog more to uphold the recognition:)

This year is a breakout and breakthrough year, so everything included needs to reflect the new level of achievement and opportunities.


Recently I had the pleasure of teaching a Bible study series within our church Bethesda Baptist Church in Austell, GA under the leadership of Senior Pastor Charles B. Goodman that blessed everyone including myself greatly.

The series “Christ Jesus and His Anointing” answers many questions that new Christian converts and even those raised and functioning as members of congregations for decades have wondered about in terms of properly identifying and understanding the ministry, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The content is not always taught within traditional Protestant churches.

Feel free to listen at your pleasure and ask any questions at anytime. If you wish to obtain a CD or DVD of the audio, just let me know.

The weekly Bible studies at Bethesda usually include songs, prayer, and testimonies before the lessons are taught, so all is included for you to have the full experience as if you were there.

The three parts are uploaded as wave files and they vary in length and part 1 is approximately 1:19 in length. I do plan on uploading the files as MP3s soon also.

Listen and enjoy!


Today my 7 year old daughter Rachel and I recorded her song entitled “Trick or Treat”. I thought that it was her first song, but it is actually her second after we composed an avant garde tune entitled “Spaceship”.

It is the scariest seasonal song since “Thriller”.

Check it out on MySpace at:

We took the photo above after we finished the song which is represented by Seed Of Life Music via BMI. The track should appear available for purchase below within 24 hours.

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