The Sundance Film Festival has been getting a lot of media coverage and it is great since there are film and movie projects that probably would not see substantial screen venues and opportunities otherwise.

The wildest thing about this year’s festival for me is that when I went to Salt Lake City in December and made the ride over to Park City, I had no clue that Sundance is held there annually.

What brought it to my attention was in seeing some of MC Hammer’s photos that appear on his blog. He had some aerial photos that reminded me of the photos I had taken from my flight. Then I noticed that the white, snow-capped mountains looked more familiar than just by coincidence.

When I later researched the festival and saw that it is held indeed within Park City, I had a new appreciation for the hard climate and determination that each attendee has to put forth to get there and conduct any business.

I have a brief film segment at the bottom of this message that I uploaded on YouTube that I captured while in Park City. The climate is probably colder and more brutal than it was during my trip. But it clearly is not a walk in the park for anyone from warmer climates.

Park City is definitely one city and atmosphere that I look forward to taking my family to one day. While I could live anywhere based upon the trip there, I am not quite sure if Utah could emotionally support my family and I as residents. But I truly admire the spirit and tenacity of the people there. It is clearly a place where the only way to succeed is “all hands on deck”.

Best wishes to the Sundance attendees and conference organizers!