The root word in politics is power.

FB has proven within the 2016 POTUS election that it has achieved the capacity to guide, nudge, and amplify who has power and who does not.

As a result, every technology company is categorized as having the same power individually and as part of a collective ecosystem.

Today it would seem as if humans are ultimately making the decisions on how to apply the data but when combined with artificial intelligence, we literally rip the bandages off anything covered or perceived to be protected.

The dilemma for FB specifically is that it has created revenue streams for anyone willing to pay to play.

The dangers on the other side of the coin is that there are no limits or restrictions on the fields of human or technological endeavors where the levers can be pulled in any direction.

It is as if these technology and social media companies can not only accept advertising dollars for your chosen field, industry, or endeavor, but they can tell you or create the field, industry, or endeavor that you should be participating within.

It is essentially “Profitability and monopolies within every endeavor as humans are optional”.

The amount of reverse engineering possibly good, bad, ugly, positive, and negative is mind blowing.

Imagine the world’s shortest man in history past, present or future. Imagine that man somehow defies all odds to play in the NBA to the point where every historical records are being broken at a pace never seen before.

Imagine the endorsements and accolades received on and off the court.

Imagine the need for protective services and security wherever this supposed athlete appeared and was rumored to appear or endorse any events regardless of his attendance (political rallies, restaurants, or any type of social events).

Imagine all of this with and without our current pandemic era and social distancing practices.

Imagine then the revelation that the athlete had paid a specific company as a gateway enabler for it all in spite of the athlete having known or should have been identified and known immoral, illegal, and unethical behavior, practices, and tendencies the entire time.

Or the company paid him (like other athlete and entertainers).

Wouldn’t the stock price of the company who received the revenue from this person or paid him still skyrocket?

Would the company have to bear any weight or punishments for enabling the athlete’s behavior, practices, and tendencies as well?

The first company to be seen as fulfilling this imaginary story is Facebook and every other technology and social media company are backpedaling to not be seen as having the same power and intentions of being viewed as evil.

My immediate poster child for being the short athlete is 45.

In spite of being immoral, illegal, and unethical with multiple eyewitnesses and scenarios, he was still elected and almost re-elected.

The technology companies are on the same level as the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan believed to be where Covid-19 was created, discovered, and/or manufactured.

The various governments around the world are already attempting to restrict, weaken, control, and shut down such companies now and in the future.

The United States is the first government in the batter’s box simply because it is where Facebook is geographically headquartered.

It is not wild to imagine that a digital CDC is needed for mental thought and decision making as well.

It is why there are growing fields related to combining ethics in technology.

FB’s dilemma is in playing both sides of the table as both gambler and casino down to the point of knowing what the shortest players are looking at and thinking behind closed doors.

Still don’t believe me?

Note that the pages, profiles, and accounts of the radical group QAnon have been taken down or removed from FB and other places at a minimum.

Note that months if not a few years ago when Minister Farrakhan, Alex Jones, and several other controversial and polarizing figures were kicked off Twitter, YouTube owned by Google, and Facebook in varying degrees.

The only entity that is likely to be capable of stopping or slowing down anything similar to a government are Apple for the iPhone and Google for owning the Android platform.

This is why Facebook has attempted to go on the offensive against Apple.

Apple has first exposed where Facebook has taken various liberties within the mobile technology that have been ignored and overlooked.

Yet Apple is in a role of either do it or face the same consequences and repercussions of both not doing it or having the capacity to being viewed as being the same type of threat.

Personally, I’m late to the game in seeing all of this. I was just looking for a better understanding of my industry and where the opportunities would exist.

I did not expect to see the rituals of the technology and governments themselves lol 😂

Once seen, there are no ways of unseeing any of it!

It is enough to put one in a fetal position and await the knocking on the door lol 😂

As some people have said, “The Matrix is more than a movie. It is a documentary”.

I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut and transfer the money from the theory to accounts to compete in philanthropic ways with Mackenzie Scott’s contributions lol 😂